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Following is the log for the next JAZZ AMERICA program from the Voice of America, now heard by more listeners than ever before, not only on the entertainment service MusicMix, but also on the worldwide VOA service via shortwave transmission. 
The show is two hours long and reaches a potential audience of 94 million listeners worldwide each weekend.  Visit the Voice of America website @ www.voamusicmix.net and click on schedule in the left column to see the time it is webcast in your timezone as well as when and how to hear it via shortwave.
Also, please take note of the email address for the show.  For any comments or communication you can reach me at jazz-america at voa.gov.

davis programs					
163 third avenue/p.m.b. # 259•new york, ny 10003	
phone...212 614-0424		
email…jazz-america at voa.gov

JAZZ AMERICA...SHOW #991...10-11 January 2009
FREDDIE HUBBARD…red clay (red clay) 
JEANIE BRYSON…skydive (tonight I need you so) 
* Joan Cararach Interview 
LLIBERT FORTUNY BIG BAND…to steve coleman (xxl) 
TITO PUENTE…oye como va (el rey bravo) 
PATRICIA BARBER…whiteworld (live: a fortnight in france) 
* John McLaughlin Interview 
JOHN McLAUGHLIN…five peace band (floating point) 
MILES DAVIS…blues for pablo (miles ahead) 

JAZZ AMERICA...SHOW #992...10-11 January 2009
BEBO VALDES & JAVIER COLINA…bebo’s blues (live at the village vanguard) 
ELIANE ELIAS…kissed by nature (kissed by nature) 
* Joan Cararach Interview 
NICHOLAS PAYTON…fleur de lis (into the blue) 
INGRID JENSEN…captain jon (at sea) 
MATTHEW HERBERT BIG BAND…just swing (there’s me & there’s you) 
* Chick Corea Interview 
CHICK COREA…spain (akoustic band) 
OLIVER NELSON…stolen moments (the blues & the abstract truth) 

SHOWS #993-994...17-18 January 2009
Special Feature: Voices of Barcelona!
Featuring conversation with Jordi Pujol
and music from his Barcelona-based record
label Fresh Sound. Plus, conversation with 
and music from two great Latin artists… 
flamenco vocalist Cigala (with Bebo Valdes)
and Portuguese vocalist Mariza.

Russ Davis
Jazz America
Voice of America
jazz-america at voa.gov
163 Third Avenue
PMB 259
New York, NY 10003

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