[JPL] I'm in a Quandry

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You all must be over 50.  Sex will always sell to teens and 
twenty-somethings. You don't "get beyond it" until the hormones diminish. 
Sex is a big part of music. Jazz was always about sex.  The saxophone is a 
sexy instrument, with all of its moaning vocal-sounding tones.   I'll step 
out and say I bought CDs because of a sexy cover or a touch of humor in the 
photo.  In the end it's the music that matters, but cover art is a genre 
unto itself. Everyone loves the Blue Note covers and they were about sexy 
cool.  That was all about selling.  To me it's the whole package that makes 
this so much fun.

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> My Lords and Ladies,
> Thank you for you input and understanding and, for some of you, your sense 
> of humor.
> I hope I didn't offend anyone with my tounge in cheek question.
> Sex has always been used to sell stuff (see "Playboys" on Pacific Jazz by 
> Art Pepper and Chet Baker)
> but shouldn't we beyond that in 2009?
> Maybe I've learned a lesson. I'll just close my eyes and put a CD on the 
> player (it plays both blonde and brunette) and if I like it, I like it! 
> Now, if I only knew how long the track was! And who's playing on it! 
> And...
> Nuff said,
> Steve
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