[JPL] I'm in a Quandry

Jackson, Bobby Bobby.Jackson at ideastream.org
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This whole notion of sex selling records reminds me of a movie I saw
years ago called, "Brother From Another Planet" starring Joe Morton.
Morton (the alien) becomes enamored with a singer (Dee Dee Bridgewater)
whose face he sees plastered everywhere in Harlem.  He buys the album
and while walking down the street pulls the LP out of the cover, looks
at it, looks at the cover and decides to put the disk in a trash can,
keeping the album cover.

Too funny!


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My Lords and Ladies,

Thank you for you input and understanding and, for some of you, your
sense of humor.
I hope I didn't offend anyone with my tounge in cheek question. 
Sex has always been used to sell stuff (see "Playboys" on Pacific Jazz
by Art Pepper and Chet Baker)
but shouldn't we beyond that in 2009? 
Maybe I've learned a lesson. I'll just close my eyes and put a CD on the
player (it plays both blonde and brunette) and if I like it, I like it!
Now, if I only knew how long the track was! And who's playing on it!
Nuff said,


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