[JPL] Janine Santana-Richie Cole-Jose Madera Ens, Live !!!!

Arturo Gomez arturo at kuvo.org
Sun Jan 11 17:48:22 EST 2009

I had the great pleasure of catching 2 nights of the Janine Santana-
Richie Cole-José Madera Ensemble live at Dazzle here in Denver on
Thursday and Friday nights. For the 3rd consecutive year Dazzle
Restaurant & Lounge was named by the prestigious Downbeat magazine as
one of the Top 100 jazz and music venues in the world, not a bad way
to commence their 11th year.

Richie's Alto Madness meets Latin percussion brought mucho gladness
to the very enthusiastic audiences for both sets on both nights.
Richie who went through a period of fighting his demons a few years
ago is in top form and sounding as good as he ever has. I'm sure most
forum members realize that Cole has used percussionist Ray Mantilla
on many of his recordings over the years so he is no stranger working
in percussive jazz settings. The ensemble also featured Jeff Jenkins-
piano, Ken Walker-bass, Todd Reid-drums. Brad Goode-trumpet, along
with Richie on alto, Janine on congas and Woody Madera on timbales and
Invited guests for some songs were Lionel Young-violin/vocals and
Todd's teenage son Chris on alto. Except for Ken and Chris all of the
musicians appear on the Janine Santa debut CD, "Soft As Granite" Some of you

may have seen Chris Reid play at the IAJE in Toronto-January 2008 as part of

the Denver based Colorado Conservatory for the Jazz Arts student band led

by drummer and educator “Pappa” Paul Romaine. Richie Cole saw the band play 

in the main hotel lobby and was impressed enough with the young altoist to

him to sit in with for 2 songs each set at Dazzle.

The ensemble did not simply reproduce their album version songs, they
embellished, re-arranged, extended and improvised them giving them a
whole new flavor and like it is said in jazz, never played the same
song the same way twice. Richie was in Denver in August during the
DNC and played Dazzle's sitting in with David Amram and Madera when
jazz89KUVO teamed with WWOZ of the Crescent City to broadcast the
Monday night music and jam session nationally. While he was here he
wrote 2 songs for his favorite jazz radio station, that's us KUVO-
"The Oasis in the City". One is a straight bop song and the other is
a Latin jazz song, both were debuted at Dazzle. On Wednesday night
the group had recorded the 2 KUVO songs in our Phyliss A. Greer
Memorial Oasis Performance Studio. Soon we will be a have a link on our

home  page where one can listen to both songs and see the clip of the 

recording session in HD audio & visual, Stay tuned for details.


Finally, as a fund raising tool the CCJA has released a jazz cookbook with

and words of wisdom by Lewis Nash, Arturo Sandoval, John Clayton, Maria

Michel Camilo, Gordon Goodwin, Patti Austin, Sean Jones, Tom Harrell and
yours truly

among others. Check it out  www.jazzarts.org


Arturo Gómez
Music Director, jazz89 KUVO
The Oasis In The City
Colorado's First HD FM Radio Station
Celebrating 14 Years of Live Performances!


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