[JPL] RE: How I Lost Most of My Music Collection ? and Nearly My Mind

Arturo Gomez arturo at kuvo.org
Mon Jan 12 12:45:29 EST 2009

My most dreaded fear besides dead air nightmares is losing my record
collection I have amassed since I began collecting as a teen in the 60s, I
have about 50,000  LPs, 45s,  78s, CDs plus crates of DATS, cassettes,
reel-to-reel and burned CDs, plus all of the magazines and music books I
have.  When I moved to Miami from So Cal and then here to Denver I wouldn’t
confide in any mover to pack and ship so I rented a U-Haul trailer, packed
the items myself and drove to my destination. Some of my most prized pieces
are the 1950s Cuban records pressings I inherited from my father and uncle,
they are irreplaceable, oh one can get most of the music but not the
original made in Cuba editions  I also have dozens of original James Brown
45s that I bought as a teen, J B would release a new single every 6 weeks
and I would save 49 cents plus tax to get the latest one. I raised the money
by collecting soda and beer bottles,  12oz were worth 2cents and the quarts
were a nickel


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