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Tue Jan 13 07:03:57 EST 2009

Picked this up from Michael Steinman¹s blog Jazz Lives:


Google Alerts is my pal, sending me news of Lester, Ruby, Big Sid, and
Louis, whenever their names crop up online.  In Louis¹s case, the Alert
sometimes has nothing to do with music ‹ there are schools, an airport, and
a stadium named for him.  This latest bit of Armstrong-related news
was surprising and more. 

A newspaper profile of a man named Herb Armstrong, a handsome Australian
singer, appears in the Redcliffe & Bayside Herald.  That newspaper serves
the area around Brisbane, including the colorfully-named Deception Bay. 

I found Herb¹s brief sketch of his ancestry intriguing: 

The timbre in his voice is, perhaps, unsurprising.  Herb is a grandson of
the late, great jazz musician Louis Armstrong.  ³I¹m a love-child,² he
says.  Herb¹s mother Decina met Louis Armstrong¹s son, a drummer, in New
Orleans.    They fell in love and the result was Herb.

None of the biographies of Louis have documented any children. 
Perhaps Herb¹s story should be included in the planned Forrest Whitaker film
on Louis¹s life?  Comments, anyone?

You can read the original profile:


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