[JPL] Anyone own the rare LP: Richie Cole's Trenton Makes, The World Take...

SGribetz at aol.com SGribetz at aol.com
Tue Jan 13 22:05:31 EST 2009

Boy, time flies.  Interesting concept, does anybody own the "rare"  LP....... 
 I don't want to get involved in the flaming match whether Cole  is 
over-rated or not, but I would say that when I saw this email, I subliminally  said to 
myself, how could a 1970's Richie Cole LP be "rare", it seems like just  
yesterday when he was touring the country with Eddie Jefferson, gigging at great  
clubs like the Tin Palace, and his Muse LP's (and later CD's) from that time  
frame were quite popular and widespread, I wouldn't recall as being  "rare".
But alas, it is 30 years later, and perhaps an LP from then is now  "rare".
BTW, I don't have it handy, but I recall the Progressive album, and I  
believe that it was a live concert from much earlier in the 1970's, before the  late 
'70's and the Muse period.
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