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Desert Island Jazz desert.island.jazz at verizon.net
Tue Jan 13 22:24:37 EST 2009


I use an Excel spreadsheet, with either manual entry or cut and paste 
from my song title database.  The spreadsheet is set up to give music 
time totals for filling 18 minute segments, and includes time for 
breaks.  We have included the Desert Island Jazz playlists with our 
streaming reports.  It may be time-consuming, but it allows me to 
customize each show.

David May
Desert Island Jazz
WHFC-FM 91.1 Bel Air, MD

Let's Cool One wrote:
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> I'm curious to know how other programmers create their playlists.  Are 
> some of you required to load tracks into an automated on-air system 
> before play? Does just typing them up meet the reporting requirements 
> of internet streaming?
> My community station is not yet streaming on the internet.  We have an 
> automated on-air system, but I still spin directly from discs.  I type 
> my playlists and upload them to my website (using vi and ruby, for 
> fellow bit-heads).  This works fine for me, but I'm always looking for 
> an easier way.
> I'd like to know what's working well out there and what's not.
> Thanks,
> Greg Rickard
> "Let's Cool One"
> KAZI-FM 88.7 Austin, TX
> www.letscoolone.org
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