[JPL] Who is Yuri Bashnet and Igor Butman?

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Hi Larry,

   No, I'm not suggesting that at all, but it may as you say be  
overly simplistic, and no I don't feel that the jazz world in the  
U.S. revolves around Mr. Marsalis. I'm a little too loose with my  
quips today!

  That monicker "the Wynton Marsalis of Russia" was given to Igor by  
some press agent a few years ago. The connection could suggest that  
Butman has lots of political and press influences in Russia. Friends  
in high places, so to speak, as does Wynton.

  Maybe I should have said "omnipresent" in Russia. That's a fact, I  

   Yes, I know Cryil Moshkow, as a matter of fact, there is a photo  
on his webpage of Joe Locke sporting a fine looking 80's head of  
hair: http://www.moshkow.net/digest.htm

Best to all,


> Tom,
> Just curious: are you suggesting that the jazz world in the U.S.  
> revolves around Wynton Marsalis? I have interviewed Igor and saw  
> him most recently in Moscow in August. No doubt he is a good player  
> and an important figure there, but it's a bit simplistic to say the  
> jazz world in Russia revolves around him. For those interested in  
> the current Russian jazz scene, you might glance at Jazz.ru, an  
> impressive magazine and website edited by Cyril Moshkow. It's also  
> got some english content for those who don't read Russian.
> http://www.jazz.ru/.
> Larry
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