[JPL] The Bad Plus

Bob Stewart bstewar at kirkwood.edu
Wed Jan 14 10:45:11 EST 2009

This is Bad Plus being Bad Plus. You really never know how the mood is going to strike them. We did find some things to play off of their "Prog" CD, and one of their early discs. But this new one has nothing on it that would merit airplay for us on a regular basis. It certainly might fit into one of our weekend specialty shows. This is one of those bands which must be assessed project by project, and not dismissed out of hand. I always look forward to their next release, knowing their potential, but am not always pleased with the results.

Bob Stewart, KCCK

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Okay, I'll hold the tongue on this one but can someone help me please...what is it? A little insight would be helpful in understanding what they are doing or trying to do on this record.

Jae Sinnett


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