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.... I also just remembered Maria Schneider doing one but I can't remember
the name of the recording off the top of my head at the moment. It wasn't
her last one but either the one before or the one before that...

It's "Scenes from Childhood" on "Coming About."    Also "Three Romances" on
"Concert in the Garden."

And then there's Stan Kenton, with "City of Glass" written by Robert

Gary McFarland's "America the Beautiful"

Recently - Christian Jacob Trio Live in Japan - he strings together four
popular Japanese songs about Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

Toshiko Akiyoshi -  "Minimata"

Oliver Nelson did an original Peter and Wolf, not touching Prokofiev's
music, for Jimmy Smith.  He also wrote Jazzhattan Suite and The Kennedy

George Russell did New York, New York to feature Bill Evans

Wynton Marsalis wrote several larger-scale suites as well - titles are gone
from my head, but they're all on a shelf at home.

John Simna
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Just the tip of the iceberg

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