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I was  thinking of airing some extended jazz suites or extended jazz pieces
every  now and then and was wondering if there was list someone could point
me to?  I know just a few, like Love Supreme, Freedom Suite, we Insist!
Freedom Now  Suite, The Far East Suite. but was looking for  more.
Beyond Far East, Ellington had several, which should be pretty easy to  find. 
Back in the 1940s, Pete Rugolo composed Prologue Suite for Stan  Kenton; it 
had four elements, if memory serves, but I don't know if was ever  recorded in 
proper sequence. It's interesting, modern/abstract yet melodic; you  can find 
the four elements on the Mosaic set of Kenton's 1943-47 studio  recordings.
More recently (1970s), Ken Hanna composed Macumba Suite, performed at  
Newport and recorded in Birdland. 
I don't know if this qualifies, but another piece of Kentonia comes from  his 
seasons with the Los Angeles Neophonic. A 1966 review of the  
Grammy-nominated Neophonic recording in All About Jazz says:
      From the standpoint of musical form,  Russ Garcia's "Adventure in 
Emotion" stands as the most interesting piece on the  album. An extended 
five-movement composition, the work features Bud Shank on  alto, Gil Falco on trombone, 
Gary Barone on trumpet and tenor saxophonist Bob  Cooper this time on oboe. 
... The five movements of the composition have an  interesting thematic 
relationship, and the fifth movement features a  recapitulation of movements one and 
If Kenton isn't to your liking, Claude Bolling composed at least two suites  
that I enjoyed, one for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio, the other for Cello and  
Jazz Piano Trio. Oh, wait, there's another: Suite for Violin and Jazz  Piano.
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