[JPL] jazz suites

David Kunian dkunian at bellsouth.net
Wed Jan 14 15:41:28 EST 2009

Complete Communion - Don Cherry
Focus - Stan Getz
Magic City and Atlantis - Sun Ra
Black Saint and the Sinner Lady - Mingus
Diaspora Suite - Steve Bernstein
Ethiopian Suite - Either/Orchestra

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> hahlstro at nmu.edu writes:
> I was  thinking of airing some extended jazz suites or extended jazz pieces
> every  now and then and was wondering if there was list someone could point
> me to?  I know just a few, like Love Supreme, Freedom Suite, we Insist!
> Freedom Now  Suite, The Far East Suite. but was looking for  more.
> Suggestions?..>>
> Beyond Far East, Ellington had several, which should be pretty easy to  find. 
> Back in the 1940s, Pete Rugolo composed Prologue Suite for Stan  Kenton; it 
> had four elements, if memory serves, but I don't know if was ever  recorded in 
> proper sequence. It's interesting, modern/abstract yet melodic; you  can find 
> the four elements on the Mosaic set of Kenton's 1943-47 studio  recordings.
> More recently (1970s), Ken Hanna composed Macumba Suite, performed at  
> Newport and recorded in Birdland. 
> I don't know if this qualifies, but another piece of Kentonia comes from  his 
> seasons with the Los Angeles Neophonic. A 1966 review of the  
> Grammy-nominated Neophonic recording in All About Jazz says:
>       From the standpoint of musical form,  Russ Garcia's "Adventure in 
> Emotion" stands as the most interesting piece on the  album. An extended 
> five-movement composition, the work features Bud Shank on  alto, Gil Falco on trombone, 
> Gary Barone on trumpet and tenor saxophonist Bob  Cooper this time on oboe. 
> ... The five movements of the composition have an  interesting thematic 
> relationship, and the fifth movement features a  recapitulation of movements one and 
> two.
> If Kenton isn't to your liking, Claude Bolling composed at least two suites  
> that I enjoyed, one for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio, the other for Cello and  
> Jazz Piano Trio. Oh, wait, there's another: Suite for Violin and Jazz  Piano.
> A good day's listening here,
> Ed
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