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Christopher Jentsch jentsch at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 15 04:45:56 EST 2009

> I was thinking of airing some extended jazz suites or extended jazz  
> pieces
> every now and then and was wondering if there was list someone  
> could point
> me to? I know just a few, like Love Supreme, Freedom Suite, we Insist!
> Freedom Now Suite, The Far East Suite. but was looking for more.
> Suggestions?

Gee, I hate to blow my own suite horn (especially to seem to be  
responding to requests for more along the lines of Ellington and  
Trane, etc.), but as a jazz composer and band leader I've been  
working in this genre as part of my thing for a few years now. My  
style is progressive contemporary let's say, eclectic with lots of  
electric guitar in the mix...

Miami Suite (1999)
Brooklyn Suite (2005)
Miami Suite (revised 2007)
Cycles Suite (FEB 2009!)

Will Friedwald wrote a review of the Cycles Suite premiere, recorded  
for next month's release:

...and the March CD release event here in Brooklyn for the latter:

Jentsch Group Large (recent participants)

JC Sanford, Darcy James Argue, Ben Kono, Jason Rigby, Mike McGinnis,  
Dan Willis, Dan Pratt, Josh Sinton, Andy Laster, Jon Owens, John  
Carlson, Russ Johnson, Mike Kaupa, Dave Smith, Laurie Frink, Alan  
Ferber, Brian Drye, Jacob Garchik, Max Seigel, Chris Jentsch, Jacob  
Sacks, Jim Whitney, John Mettam

Any interest, get in touch...

Chris Jentsch
jentsch at earthlink.net

MP3 clips from 2005's Brooklyn Suite:

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