[JPL] Overnight Jazz: The Soundz Of Surprize with djSOS aka Peter L. Poses ~ 01.16.2009 12:00AM to 06:00AM ~~~ KRFC FT COLLINS ~ 88.9FM ~ www.krfcfm.org

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Overnight Jazz: The Soundz Of Surprize with djSOS aka Peter L. Poses ~
01.16.2009 12:00AM to 06:00AM
~~~ KRFC FT COLLINS ~ 88.9FM ~ www.krfcfm.org

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Overnight Jazz: The Soundz Of Surprize (Jazz) with djSOS 01.16.2009
12:00AM to 06:00AM

12:00AM Vinnie Cutro & the New York City Soundscape "Round Midnight"
from Sakura (CD, Jazz, 2009) on S-P/Royal Music Ensmbles Records —
Round Midnight w/o " ' ".
12:00AM Thelonious Monk "Straight, No Chaser" from The Best Of Ken
Burns Jazz (Jazz) on Columbia Legacy/Verve
12:00AM Benny Golson "From Dream To Dream" from New Time New 'Tet
(Jazz, 2009) on Concord — THEMEZZ: MLK & YEZZ WE CAN
12:00AM Kenny Werner & Jens Sondergaard "Willow Weep For Me" from KW &
JS Play Ballads: A Time For Love (CD, Jazz, 2008, added 12.27.2008) on
Stunt (Denmark) — THEME: Loss & Grief
12:00AM Deborah Latz "My Favorite Things" from Lifeline (CD, Jazz,
2009) on S-P/June Moon Prods
12:00AM Mark O'Connor's Hot Swing Trio "Funky Swing" from Live! In New
York (CD, Jazz, 2009) on OMAC — Gypsy Swing Jazz
12:00AM Bill Cunliffe "Port Authority" from Blues & The Abstract
Truth, Take 2 (CD, Jazz, 2008) on Resonance — Re-Invention of Maestro
Nelson'zz "Desert Island" Chef D-Oeuvre + 2

01:00AM Mike Holober & the Gotham Jazz Orchestra "Roc & A Soft Place"
from Quake (CD, Jazz, 2009) on Sunnyside — Some Of NY'zz Top Playerzz
01:00AM Todd Coolman "Pastorale" from Perfect Strangers (CD, Jazz,
2009) on Artist Share ~ Bottom Line Music
01:00AM Lenore Raphael "One For The Byrd" from First Class (CD, Jazz,
2009) on S-P/Swingin' Fix Music — Live! Recording @ The Steinway
Performance Studio in NY ~~~ U Wanna Swing?
01:00AM Vince Mendoza & the WDR (little BIG BAND) "All Blues" from
Blauklang (Bluesounds) (CD, Jazz, 2008) on ACT — Itzza 'bout The
Color, Man ~~~ Gorgeous~~~PC (Personal Copy)
01:00AM Carman McRae "Stardust" from Live! At The Flamingo Jazz Club,
London 1961 (CD, Jazz, 2008) on Acrobat Music Group — At The Top Of
Her Game ~ decent fidelity
01:00AM Ray Levier "Wing & A Prayer" from Ray's Way (CD, Jazz, 2009)
on Origin — YEZZ WE CAN
01:00AM Eric Person "Yesterdays" from Ryhthm Edge (CD, Jazz, 2007) on
Distinction Records — Loss & Grief

02:00AM Orbert Orvis & the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic "Diaspora" from
Collective Creativity (CD, Jazz, 2009) on 3 Sixteen Records — Lush &
HandsomeOrchestrationzz (FULL SYMPHONY)~~~ MLK & YEZZ WE CAN
02:00AM Open World All Stars "Moon River" from Jazz Connection (CD,
Jazz, 2009) on Sea Breeze Vista — One Of My All Time Transportive
02:00AM Margie Notte "Just You, Just Me" from Just You, Just Me, &
Friends (CD, Jazz) on G Note — The Evidence: Just U, Just Me = Just Us
(a la Monk)
02:00AM Martial Solal "Corcovado" from MS Live! At The Village
Vanguard ~ I Can't Give You Anything But Love (CD, Jazz, 2009) on
CamJazz — Like U've Never Heard Before
02:00AM Tony Desare "Dreaming My Life Away" from Radio Show (CD, Jazz,
2009) on Telarc
02:00AM Mark Masters Ensemble "Adieu Mon Redman" from Farewell Walter
Dewey Redman (CD, Album, Jazz, 2008) on Capri (tom at caprirecords.com)
Local — A Fittin' Tribute & Rememberance
02:00AM Mark Weinstein "Canta De Ossanha" from Lua E Sol (CD, Jazz,
2009) on Jazzheads — Baden Powell @ His Bad(enist)/Brazilian ~ Flutin'
& Tutin'~Weinstein Arisezz
02:00AM John Stetch "Rocky & Bullwinkle" from TVTrio (CD, Jazz, 2009)
on Brux — Thizz Rockzz, No Bull ~ Pure Fun & Hip
02:00AM Billie Holiday "Prelude To A Kiss" from First Issue: The Great
Amerian Songbook (CD, Jazz) on Heritage Jazz — Sigh
02:00AM Ray Bryant "If I Could Be With You" from a room in the back
(CD, Jazz, 2008) on Evening Star — JSI @ Rutger's Ed Berger's Label,
keepin' Jazz alive!

03:00AM CNY(Central New York) Jazz Orchestra "Things Happen" from
Then, Now, & Again (CD, Jazz, 2008) on S-P/CNY Jazz — MLK, YEZZ WE
CAN, and Loss & Grief.
03:00AM David Gonzalez & the POETic License Band "City Of Dreams" from
City Of Dreams (CD, Jazz, 2002) on LHR(Laughing Horse Records) — Jazz
Poetry/Spoken Word ~ MLK ~YEZZ WE CAN
03:00AM Eyran Katsenelenboen "Dream A Little For Me" from 88 Fingers
(CD, Jazz, 2009) on Eyran Records — MLK & YEZZ WE CAN
03:00AM Paul Raneline "Blue Bossa" from Living A New Day (CD, Jazz,
2009) on Wide Hive — MLK & YEZZ WE CAN
03:00AM Tony Monaco & His Toronto Trio "I'll Close My Eyes" from Live!
At The Orbit Room (CD, Jazz, 2009) on Chicken Coup/Summit — I hope
Tony closes his eyes MORE often ~ but BEAUTIFUL
03:00AM The 2008 Mt. Hood Jazz Band & Combos "Where Or When" from
Doin' The Best Deeds (CD, Jazz, 2009) on Sea Breeze Vista — Nancy
King: As Art Lande Statezz, One Of The Best Scatsingerzz in The Bizz
03:00AM Vitaly Golovnev "Some Kind Of Blues" from to whom it may
concern (CD, Jazz, 2009) on Tippin'
03:00AM Bonnie Lowdermilk "Get Outta Town" from Up To Now (CD, Jazz,
2009) on S-P Local — Lotzza CO-based Catzz
03:00AM Steve Herberman "Will You Still Be Mine?" from Ideals (CD,
Jazz, 2009) on Reach Music — THEME: Fallin' In Love

04:00AM Carla Bley & Her Remarkable BIG BAND "Appearing Nightly At The
Black Orchid" from Appearing Nightly (CD, Jazz, 2008) on WATT33/ECM —
2008 Grammy Nominated: A Sparklin' Gem
04:00AM Billet-Deux "Fishwife Blues" from Deux (CD, Jazz, 2009) on S-P
— Gypsy Swing
04:00AM Amanda Tosoff "Julie's Blues" from Wait & See (CD, Jazz, 2008)
on Cellar Live! ~ Canada Council For The Arts
04:00AM Paul Sullivan "Whisper" from PS Jazz (CD, Jazz, 2009) on River Music
04:00AM Warren Vache & John Allred Quintet "Change Partners" from
Jubilation (CD, Jazz, 2008) on Arbors Jazz — Could Irving Berlin Pen A
04:00AM Darunam/Milan "Theresa (Night)" from The Last Angel On Earth
(CD, Jazz, 2009) on 64-56 Media — Avant Garde/European/Middle Eastern

05:00AM Bethany Smith Staelens "You Must Believe In Spring" from The
BIG BANG/BAND Theory (CD, Jazz, 2009) on S-P
05:00AM Sonny Rollins "Easy Living" from Road Show: Vol. 1 (CD, Album,
Jazz, 2008) on Doxy/Decca/Emarcy — 01/20/09!
05:00AM Yo-Yo Ma & Friends "Improvization: Dona Nobis Pacem (Give Us
Peace)" from Songs Of Peace & Joy (CD, Jazz, 2008) on Sony Clasical —
05:00AM The Rocco John Group "Dreams" from Devotion (CD, Jazz, 2009)
on COCA (Coalition Of Creative Artists) — MLK
05:00AM Andy Scott "Don't Tempt Fate" from Don't Tempt Fate (CD, Jazz,
2009) on S-P
05:00AM David Gonzalez & the POETic License Band "All You Need Is
Love" from City Of Dreams (CD, Album, Jazz, 2002, added 01.10.2009) on
LHR (Laughing Horse Records) — Fallin' In Love
05:00AM Benny Goodman "Sing, Sing, Sing" from The FAMOUS 1938 (01/16)
Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert (CD, Jazz) on Columbia Legacy — The 71ST
Anniversary Of This HISTORIC GIG ~~~ & Louis Prima's Tune ~ & Pianist
Jess Stacey's SOLO!
05:00AM David Gonzalez & the POETic License Band "8 Million Dreamers
Dreaming" from City Of Dreams (CD, Album, Jazz, 2002, added
01.10.2009) on LHR (Laughing Horse Records) — MLK & YEZZ WE CAN ~~~
05:00AM Yo-Yo Ma & Friends "Joy To The World" from Songs Of Peace &
Joy (CD, Jazz, 2008) on Sony Clasical — Dave & Matt Brubeck & Paquito
05:00AM Take Six "Bein' Green" from The Standard (CD, Jazz, 2008) on
Heads Up — YEZZ WE CAN: 01/20/2009! ~ #44
05:00AM Time Ries "Under My Thumb" from Stones World (CD, Album, Jazz,
2008, added 01.12.2009) on Sunnyside — W/ The Herwig'zz Latin Side

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