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That's true Fred. Billy did that for years because he understood the core problem. I'm surprised there weren't more shows like it but I think most felt he was taking care of that part of it but everyone wasn't carrying that show. This is one area where musicians could really help stations...if the stations are interested. Have sessions on air that are specifically for teaching listeners about the music. The other part of this it making sure the word gets out to the general public because otherwise it turns into preaching to the choir and your base won't grow much. 

This was one of our problems when I started to produce the R&B Chronicles. Part of my main reason for producing this show was to help increase our African American listenership but we were promoting it...on air to the people that already listened. It wasn't until later when the print media got involved and wrote something about it that folks who didn't listen to us started to tune in for the show. 

Most stations don't have advertising budgets to get the word out beyond their circles. When we can't do this it doesn't help us much when we're trying to do something new. We had another jazz benefit concert this past Friday night...part of a series I'm producing to showcase and help some of the top "local" jazz talent and it was nearly sold out. Out of that crowd there were about one third that never heard of us...the station. They heard about the concert in the newspaper and these folks are doctors, teachers, lawyers, carpenters, etc....Now they know there is jazz on WHRV. We can assume that because folks are intelligent...they tune it. Not necessarily the case. 

Jae Sinnett  

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> hi Jae,  when I was coming up in NY in the mid 60s I
> listened to  Billy 
> Taylor's show on WLIB & WNEW
> am.  It was an education.  He announced all the players on
> each  cut, gave 
> some background info, brief musical descriptions & 
> anecdotes.  He made it more 
> interesting (but not excessively so) !   FJ
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> Yes  Jeff, it is difficult and I appreciate you jumping in
> here. Bobby and 
> Toby  as well. The food thing Jeff is off the chain.
> It's been amazing for us as 
>  well. I literally get 30-60 emails a week about my recipes
> at the beginning  
> of my Sunday show and I'll get maybe 2-5 per week for
> the jazz...BUT... they  
> pledge like crazy for the show. 
> One thing we need to realize is that  this affects all of
> us...or will... and 
> at the same time all of us can make  a difference. The
> music isn't hurting 
> but the industry is. The scary part is  that no one is
> talking about it. There 
> is a strange sense of complacency  with too many in jazz.
> We have to find a 
> better way to reach people and help  them understand the
> music. How to do this 
> from a radio position is a good  question but those that
> continue to say it's 
> not our job as programmers to  teach our listeners about
> jazz aren't thinking 
> about the possibilities of  that chair and how we could
> help to make the 
> situation better. My guess at  some point is that some may
> not have that job much 
> longer if we don't do  something about
> it...particularly if you're in a smaller 
> market.
> I  can do things as a musician to get folks to understand
> jazz. I do it all 
> the  time. I've figured out some ways to do it as a
> programmer but the 
> important  point is that I'm thinking about it and now
> acting on it. I think with me  
> the first thing was simple...realizing that more would tune
> in IF they  
> understood the music. That's it...right there. That
> thinking should go  across the 
> board. I've seen some musicians and programmers play
> the music  and act 
> surprised that some folks don't get it. I'm not
> surprised one bit.  It's common 
> actually...even with many that do listen.
> You want a  premium that will do well for your jazz
> fundraiser? Put together 
> an  educational package that is specifically designed for
> educating the public 
>  about the music. Actually I think record companies should
> do it too. They  
> will sell... probably more than the records they release.
> Some may think  it's 
> a crazy idea but I'm working on it here. Most of the
> industry I think  is 
> resolved to just playing and releasing the music and then
> see what  happens and 
> hope for the best. That's the mentality. We need more 
> educational and 
> information tools to help bridge that gap of 
> understanding...mis-understanding. I 
> guarantee you it will help with  bringing more into this
> music. This is in my view 
> is what we need to be  talking about seriously.  
> Jae Sinnett       
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