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One tiny way that relates to the education concept -
A tie--in with Jae's talking with musicians in the studio about the questions from  novices in jazz.

I had someone say that parts of an interview I had done were a little too technical for the average listener, so during the next one, I thought about a way to make a point in a non-musician's way.  I asked Bill Cunliffe about how he updated the arrangements of Oliver Nelson, rhythmically and harmonically, that the non-musician could understand.  And he ended up playing things on the piano to demonstrate while talking about his influences on Hoedown.

I hope to incorporate something of that as often as I can in an interview, getting the person to break down a musical concept as a fun learning point.  Which makes it an occasional,  palatable lesson coming from a master, and not from the programmer, as I don't want to be constantly didactic. 
(anyone interested can hear the interview on my website at  http://susanreeves.net/ofnote.htm)

I like the idea of podcasts with "educational" angles.  I don't have the resources for that, but hope to hear of other's efforts...

- Susan

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