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Good stuff Susan!

A great deal of the problem with the presentation of this music is using too much "insider" language.  The better you break it down in layman's terms the more people GET IT!    This can be done without dumbing down the presentation.  I appreciated your comments.


Bobby Jackson

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One tiny way that relates to the education concept -
A tie--in with Jae's talking with musicians in the studio about the questions from  novices in jazz.

I had someone say that parts of an interview I had done were a little too technical for the average listener, so during the next one, I thought about a way to make a point in a non-musician's way.  I asked Bill Cunliffe about how he updated the arrangements of Oliver Nelson, rhythmically and harmonically, that the non-musician could understand.  And he ended up playing things on the piano to demonstrate while talking about his influences on Hoedown.

I hope to incorporate something of that as often as I can in an interview, getting the person to break down a musical concept as a fun learning point.  Which makes it an occasional,  palatable lesson coming from a master, and not from the programmer, as I don't want to be constantly didactic. 
(anyone interested can hear the interview on my website at  http://susanreeves.net/ofnote.htm)

I like the idea of podcasts with "educational" angles.  I don't have the resources for that, but hope to hear of other's efforts...

- Susan

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