[JPL] Help In Celebration

DPolletta at aol.com DPolletta at aol.com
Mon Jan 19 08:34:38 EST 2009

doing an hour of the Pres and Vice Prez Tuesday night
I am going to say this in a "for what it is worth" spirit.  Many of  us, 
myself included, are excited about Mr Obama's election. However keep in  mind 
going overboard with a celebration of his election on air opens us as  public 
bcsters to the old charge of "bias," in favor of  Democrats/liberals.  
I've already had several of my conservative friends tell me" you guys sure  
are getting whipped up about this Obama inauguration.  You  didn't  devote the 
amount of energy or interest in the two inaugurations for  President Bush."
I've tried to explain the unique historic aspect of this particular  
ceremony, but those whose side didn't win aren't completely buying  it.   
Just something to keep in mind,
Dan Polletta
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