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I wonder  how many people
would ask "Is that Art Tatum" on that Gordon Goodwin  recording, and how
many would actually find favor with the recording if  they didn't know
how the sausage was actually made.  In this day and  age of technology
we've seen doctoring with hip-hop sampling, Natalie Cole,  Kenny G, Ray
Charles and now Gordon Goodwin..>>
Perhaps I'm biased, being a bit of a big-band fanatic. But Goodwin's labor  
is something truly creative: he did not cobble existing parts from the grave, 
he  created the arrangement around one fixed element (Tatum's solo), which  
imposed certain limitation. 
Many of those other duets have a sense of the macabre, which is  an 
appropriate comment for today, Edgar Allen Poe's bicentennial.  Natalie Cole's effort, 
to my mind, was truly from the heart. The bulk of the  others are technical 
Technical question: how was Tatum's participation engineered? Was a piano  
roll converted to electronic signals for an electronic piano, or into  
instructions for a physical/pneumatic player that would thus yield an acoustic  piano 
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