[JPL] Blue Note 7 live up to their legacy & add their own magic !!!!!!!

Arturo Gomez arturo at kuvo.org
Mon Jan 19 12:49:00 EST 2009

The Blue Note 7 drove the standing room crowd at the Boulder Theatre into a
delightful frenzy taking us all into Jazz Nirvana on a unforgettable night
of music that will live on in the memories of all in attendance forever.
Like all magnificent events, the stature of this concert will grow and in a
year or two those claiming to have been there will increase from the actual
1,100 to over 5,000 if not more.


The Blue Note 7 tour began earlier this  January in the Pacific Northwest to
less than enthusiastic audiences, we learned this about 3 songs into the
first set when pianist Bill Charlap noticing the great response and
enthusiasm of the audience told us that it felt wonderful to play for a
crowd that understood and appreciated the music because in their previous
gigs of the tour it appeared the audience didn’t get it. Well, we got it and
how, they played to near perfection not only the songbook of their album but
they pulled out a few jewels from the Blue Note catalog. Everyone was
pleasantly surprised when they performed Dexter Gordon’s “Soy Califas”
turning into a Latin jazz rendition including fine montunos by Charlap and
extra polyrhythmic work by Lewis “Mr.  Nasty” Nash on drums,  although I am
not a native Californian, because I lived 26 of my most formative years in
Califas, that song has always been my favorite Long Tall Dexter composition,
I never imagined they would play it. The band played 2 sets, the first about
and hour and then the second set lasted only about half that however by the
time they finished their magical sojourn the audience just stayed in the
theatre talking about the wonderfullness-thank you Cos, of the concert they
had just witnessed. I always like to become as incognito as I can after
great shows and mingle among the audience to gauge their responses and what
I heard was among the most positive I have ever encountered.


Jazz89KUVO was the media sponsor for the event, we had out table set up in
the lobby meeting n greeting folks, we had about 10 KUVOnians present at the
concert and I had the extreme honor to introduce the band after a few
mandatory announcements for the house and for KUVO as we’re collaborating
for 4 Jazz Appreciation Month concerts at the Boulder Theatre in April.  The
ensemble is heading east, don’t miss them if they are anywhere near you, it
is an experience that lives up to the 70 year history of one of the greatest
if not the greatest jazz label ever, as I mentioned to the audience-not only
for their gift of recorded music-but also for the artistry of their
legendary album covers. I am sure Alfred Lion would whole heartedly approve
of the band celebrating Blue Note Records’ past and adding significant new
splendor into the mix assuring Blue Note Records will shine brightly for
decades more.


One of our on air hosts. Steve Stalze has pictures of the event on his
Flicker page:   flickr.com/photos/stalzz64




Arturo Gómez
Music Director, jazz89 KUVO
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