[JPL] Marvelous Musical Mosaic @ The Inauguration

Jackson, Bobby Bobby.Jackson at ideastream.org
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and the fact they were all playing in 20+ degree weather.  Hard to keep a clarinet from squeaking in that kind of weather.  Tough to have bare fingers moving so swiftly and so well.  Truly inspirational.

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On 1/20/09 3:45 PM, MFA - Jazz Radio Promotion, Publicity & Consulting 
> I was struck by the diversity (and 4 continents) represented in the 
> Yo-Yo Ma quartet that played at the Inauguration (i.e. a Jewish 
> violinist, an Asian cellist, an African-American clarinetist and a 
> South American (Venezuelan) pianist.
Not to mention John Williams as the arranger and the melody, an old 
American hymn.  It was gorgeous.

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