[JPL] Hank Crawford

Maxine Harvard maxineharvard at cox.net
Wed Jan 21 15:44:32 EST 2009

Hi all,


In light of the terribly sad news about Fathead, there was a question about
Hank Crawford.


I received a note from him a few days ago.  First of all he wanted all the
DJs to know how much he appreciated the kindness extended to him on his
birthday.  It meant a great deal to him.  Because he is not 'computer
literate' these days, I printed out your playlists where he was included and
your on line messages and sent them to him.  


He also said that he is not doing terribly well with the after effects of
the stroke.  To quote him:  "I have good days and bad days'.   If any of you
would like to try to call him, the number in Memphis is 901-785-1934.  If
Hank is not up to talking on the phone, his sister will answer.



Maxine Harvard

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