[JPL] Office hours

Ed Trefzger ed.trefzger at jazzweek.com
Wed Jan 21 17:39:32 EST 2009

Hi folks,

As things move toward the JazzWeek Summit, I know a lot more of you will 
want to be in touch.  I really need to limit call times to the office 
hours I've kept for calls over the past two years: Tuesday and Thursday 
between 2 and 4 pm ET unless we make an appointment.  Email is a much 
easier way for me to stay in touch as that's more flexible.  I really 
need to keep my daytime hours as clear as possible for my main business 


Ed Trefzger, Editor
2117 Buffalo Rd Ste 317
Rochester, NY 14624-1507

phone: 585-226-1968
fax: 585-302-4439
aim: trefzgermedia
skype: edtrefzger


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