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Vinnie Cutro & New York City Soundscape, title (Sakura) 2008
Kurt Rosenwinkel, Chords  (The Remedy - Live At The Village Vanguard-disc 1)
Jentsch Group Large, See You in Bali (Brooklyn Suite) 2007
Matthew Shipp, Vamp to Vibe (Equilibrium) 2003
Tim Warfield, The Beat Goes On (One For Shirley) 2008
Roswell Rudd Trio, Freudian Frolics (The Unheard Herbie Nichols Vol. 1) 1996
Paul Austerlitz And Michael S. Harper, Audio (Double Take) 2004

Julius Hemphill, The Hard Blues (Reflections) 1972
Sekou Sundiata, Shout Out (The Blue Oneness of Dreams) 1997
David S. Ware, Crossing Samsara (Shakti) 2009
Sam Sadigursky, Epitaph for a Pair of Old Shoes [Donald Justice] (The Words
Project) 2007
E.S.T., title (Leucoycte) 2008

Julia Hulsman Trio, Quint (The End of a Summer) 2008
Jeff Gauthier Goatette, Friends of the Animals (House of Return) 2008
Atomic School Days, Visitors (Distill) 2008
Ted Nash, Soldier in the Rain (The Mancini Project) 2008
KJ Denhert, Message In A Bottle (Live at Umbria Jazz) 2008
Vitaly Golovnev, Never (To Whom It May Concern) 2009

*time is relative

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