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 I say it's about time the country, despite it's many problems, gets back to having a sense of humor!!
Like the vanquished sports teams that hear na-na-na-na, one would have to think that Bush will get over it...in fact he's already over it.

Obama graciously showed the Bush's the back door, while kicking in the front door!

Mike Schwartz/KSJS



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That was  my WORST moment of the show.   Obama spent his time  telling  how 
was gonna bring America together - Democrats AND   Republicans.  He 
us all to pull together and then those  idiots  erupted into 
singing..........what a shame they listened but  didn't hear what  our 
President was saying..>>

Well said. That was not the time to raise the middle finger to the  departing 
Pres., regardless of what anybody thought of him. The tepid applause  when 
Obama thanked President Bush for his service to our country was sufficient  
comment. And no, I am not a Bush supporter.
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