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I agree with Arturo. And when Bush and his cronies are in jail for all of the crimes that they committed he'll wish that na-na-na was the worst moment for him. I do think the booing when he appeared on the jumbo screen was awkward but they brought this on themselves!!

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My  favorite moment of the day was when after being
sworn in Obama and Michelle  who were so over gracious with the Boosh's
before, walked them to the  copter that was taking them away and the crowd
erupted into singing "na na  na na, hey hey hey, good bye". The ingenous
spontaneity of crowds never  cease to amaze me.

That was my WORST moment of the show.   Obama spent his time  telling how he 
was gonna bring America together - Democrats AND  Republicans.  He encouraged 
us all to pull together and then those idiots  erupted into 
singing..........what a shame they listened but didn't hear what  our President 
was saying.
Joe in Detroit

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