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I agree  with Arturo. And when Bush and his cronies are in jail for all of 
the crimes  that they committed he'll wish that na-na-na was the worst moment 
for him. I  do think the booing when he appeared on the jumbo screen was awkward 
but they  brought this on themselves!!

Sorry but it was not about Bush (no matter what he allegedly did or didn't  
My point is that those people have 'selective' listening.   The  listen to 
Obama when it's convenient.
Obama's goal is to bring the country together.   Booing &  na-na is NOT they 
way to do it.
Bad behavior should not be condoned by EITHER party.
In other words, they applaud Obama for trying to unite us and then  
completely disregard him.  What kind of ethics do they have?    Never mind.........we 

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