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Maurice Hogue onemansjazz at shaw.ca
Sat Jan 24 23:35:19 EST 2009

My compadre, Luis Mario, is correct, but I should add that there is also
funding available for promotion and marketing for artists in some of the
various support agencies, like the Foundation To Assist Canadian Talent
On Record (FACTOR), which doesn't fund a lot of jazz projects,
and some of the provincial associations have similar programs.

It's possible to get perhaps 50 or 60% of a recording project costs, including
some of the manufacturing, through a combination of different funding programs.

I've done so many of these applications and served on juries to determine 
the fate
of these applications that I can't count.

Luis Mario is also correct that a lot of these projects have a long life in 
the cardboard
boxes they arrive in from the manufacturer if the artist doesn't have a 
grasp on reality
and doesn't know how to get them out of the boxes and to consumers.  I 
should mention too that
back in the days of record labels (: , a number of these funded projects 
were released
on real record labels too.  It was a win-win situation.

For  a lot of the FACTOR and provinical program, the funds are granted on a 
forgiveable loan
basis, written off usually after a number of years, providing the artist 
has made some attempt at
sales.  The Canada Council grants were just that, grants.

Artists can even apply to the Canada Council for funding to hire a manager 
or agent for
a special project(s), to develop websites, and there's even funding for 
managers/agents too.

As for the taxpayers getting concerned about it, in my opinion, I think the 
who like to use the arts as a whipping boy are the ones who harp about such 
the most.  Like the current right wing  government.  I don't think most 
taxpayers are
overly concerned about such programs, certainly not in Manitoba where I am. 
We love
our arts in Canada.

Note:  these programs also support touring - both nationally and 
internationally.  It's not
a given that you'll get funding. One has to apply, but one of the groups I 
worked with had
a great tour in Europe late last year, with financial support for the 
Canada Council.  Most
of the Canadian artists/groups that play at the annual jazz festivals tour 
with Council funds.
That info will be announced in a couple of weeks, making some people happy, 
and some not so.

Maurice Hogue
CKUW Winnipeg

>This is a really good thing we have here in Canada. There are several ways
>that recording projects get sponsorship: federally, provincially and by city
>art councils. They all provide grants to artist. However, unfortunately the
>tax payers are not too happy about it. Perhaps because most independent
>artists don't know what to do with their records and the money invested is
>lost. It would be great if those art councils would help, at least in small
>scale, with distribution (although now everything is online) promotion and
>publishing, so that the money invested can somehow be recouped.
>Luis Mario
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> > I've noticed the last 2-3 years when receiving many talented Canadian
> > artists' recordings, that several have had their album projects financed by
> > the Canada Council for the Arts. Wouldn't it be nice if a similar ministry
> > would be created in the USA?
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