[JPL] Vinyl Side Of Midnight; 89.7FM/ Live Interview + Tribute

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Vinyl Side of Midnight 2009

This is the playlist for this week’s Vinyl Side of Midnight, which can be heard on 89.7 FM WLNZ in the Greater Lansing area, or you can tune in internationally on the web on www.wlnz.org  - hosted by Mike Stratton, Sunday nights, 9- midnight, Eastern Standard Time  
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Thom Jayne & The Nomads (plus a tribute to David “Fathead” Newman)

Tonight we welcome Thom Jayne & The Nomads live in the studio to warm us up for their concert as a part of the Grand River Radio Concert Series on Feb. 4 at the Creole Gallery. Thom’s music is a unique blend that draws influences from jazz, progressive rock, Herb Albert, Aaron Copland, world music and more. The group’s performances are always rousing, foot stomping affairs that leave the listener with big smiles. We’ll also do a little interviewing between the music, and hear about Thom’s composing award and his career at MSU as a professor.
Later in the evening we’ll play a loose tribute to recently deceased jazz/soul sax player, David “Fathead” Newman. We’ll hear some of his earliest recordings with Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin and B.B. King as well as his jazz recordings with Marcus Belgrave and Betty Joplin. All this, plus recordings by Weather Report and Paul Winter!

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