[JPL] Jazz Sax Player David 'Fathead' Newman Remembered (DALLAS CBS 11 News)

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DALLAS (CBS 11 News) ―

Residents of Dallas paused Sunday to recognize a local Jazz genius.  David
'Fathead' Newman passed away in New York last week.  He was originally from
Dallas, where a memorial service was held.

Talent runs deep in the Newman family, his 16-year-old grandson paid a
musical tribute to a man many called a legend.

David Newman last played in Dallas in August.  He achieved international
stardom, playing dozens of years with Ray Charles, even being portrayed by
an actor in the movie "Ray".

His saxophone played what his son calls beautiful contemporary 'earth
music'.  Some times he would ask his son Cadino to sit in with he and other
musicians.  "It's been a pinnacle of my life, when I played with him and the
greats you can't get any better than that.  When I'd come off the stage I'd
say, 'What's your name and how're you doing?' You know.  And when I'd get
home I'd see all of these guys on the album covers 'You mean to tell me I
was on stage with these guys?'"

Family members say David really didn't like the name Fathead, but that he
got tagged with it when he was attending Lincoln High School in Dallas.  As
most nicknames do, it stuck.  Accoring to his daughter-in-law Brenda, the
story is his band director saw him reading music upside-down.  "And he went
to reprimand him and said, 'You've got the music upside down, and hit him on
the head and said, You old fathead.'"

His granddaughter Talibah was able to see his popularity soar in his later
years.  "And that has been blessing alone to be able to see him perform in
Lincoln Center and places like that where many of the greats have played."

David Newman was 75

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