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taint town live - 01-26-09
monday & wednesday 9pm-midnight (eastern)
other nights midnight-3am

Tim Warfield, Oasis (One For Shirley) 2008
Janice Borla, I'll Take Les (From Every Angle) 2006
Mark Masters Ensemble w/Oliver Lake, Dewey's Tune (Farewell Walter Dewey
Redman) 2008
Dewey Redman, I-Pimp (In London) 1996
Angelica Sanchez, Life Between (Life Between) 2008
Joey Baron feat. Antonello Salis, Hands For Dance (Keys And Skins) 2008
Antonio Zambujo, title (Outro Sentido) 2008
Avishai Cohen, Elli (Continuo) 2005
Avram Fefer & Bobby Few, Ask Me Now (Kindred Spirits) 2005

Fieldwork feat. Vijay Iyer, Steve Lehman & Tyshawn Sorey, After Meaning
(Door) 2008
The Bad Plus, Comfortably Numb (For All I Care) 2009
Gerald Cleaver, William Parker, Craig Taborn, Korteh Khan (Farmers By
Nature) 2009
Josh Roseman New Constellations, Greasy Feets Music (Live in Vienna) 2007
William Parker Quartet, Talaps Theme (Petit Oiseau) 2008
Jerry Granelli V16, Riddim [Monday] (The Sonic Temple) 2007
Christine Correa, Phul Phul (Ugly Beauty) 1993
Kayhan Kalhor w/Brooklyn Rider  Beloved, do not let me be discouraged
(Silent City) 2008
Christine Correa, Moira (Ugly Beauty)
Charlie Mariano's Bangalore feat. Ramamani, Pulse (Charlie Mariano's
Bangalore) 1998

David S. Ware, Antidromic (Shakti) 2009
Vitaly Golovnev, Corner Bistro (To Whom It May Concern) 2009
Thad Jones, Samba Con Getchu (Live at the Village Vanguard) 1967
Sam Sadigursky , It Takes A Nail [Andrew Boyd] (Words Project II) 2008
Mary Halvorson Trio, Sweeter Than You (Dragon's Head) 2008
Pierre Dorge New Jungle Orchestra, title (Whispering Elephants) 2008
Don Pullen, title (Evidence of Things Unseen) 1984

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