[JPL] Big News For Bay Area Jazz Fusion Fans - Live Concert w/Scott Kinsey and Scott Henderson

rick at jazzrockworld.com rick at jazzrockworld.com
Wed Jan 28 08:03:15 EST 2009

Hi Folks,


I just confirmed the following:


May 17, 2009

Scott Kinsey Group

Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society at the Douglas Beach House

Half Moon Bay, CA

For information or reservations call 650 726-4143 email: info at bachddsoc.org 

Website: http://www.bachddsoc.org 






Scott Kinsey - keys 

Scott Henderson - guitar

Mathew Garrison - bass

Kirk Covington - drums


Tickets will probably be $35.00

Showtime: Sunday at 4:30 to 7:00 with an intermission

Seating: general admission with privileges for members


Any help promoting the concert would be greatly appreciated. As most of you
from the Bay Area already know, Pete has been putting on some of the very
best jazz concerts for many, many years. He personally asked me to help
promote this concert and I'm very happy to do so. Scott Kinsey gave me the
band info and will soon forward a 'poster' for the concert if anyone is
interested in helping. 


While the band contains three out of the four members of Tribal Tech, Scott
Kinsey's music is closer to the Zawinul's world beat style with a lot more
energy [is that even possible?]. I saw the band for Scott's "Kinesthetics"
Cd release party in Los Angeles [with Jimmy Earl and Gary Novak on bass and
drums] and the performance was everything a jazz fan could want in a GREAT
fusion band. I think you know what I mean. These guys can flat out PLAY. 


More info to follow.


Anyone interested in an interview? Please email me directly and I'll try to
work something out : rick at jazzrockworld.com 


Many thanks,


Rick Calic

Jazz Rock World


Please note: Linda Romano is the primary force in getting these incredibly
talented musicians to drive up the coast and play in SF. I know speak for
many when I say 'Thank You, Linda'. Please check out her web site:










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