[JPL] WMOT "demise" update

ghunt at mtsu.edu ghunt at mtsu.edu
Thu Jan 29 12:51:54 EST 2009

Ed, here's a quick update for JPL'ers:

No decision has yet been made regarding any budget cuts that might include WMOT/Jazz-89's elimination by our licenseholder
Middle Tennessee State University.

University officials are examining every program on our 25K student campus to determine what operates in the best interest of the ones we serve.

When determined, our university president Dr. Sidney McPhee along with the Tennessee State Board of Regents will issue a statement (probably in 4 to 8 weeks) regarding what stays, what goes and what is restructured in what will be an 11 million to 20 million dollar shortfall to MTSU alone - not to mention the other colleges and universities in the system.

In a nutshell - WMOT is still here, hopes to remain here, has no plan to go.  The flame still burns.  

Be patient with us.  Say a prayer for us if you choose.  It's tough to get to much new music right now, but keep sending it.  I have hopes of being able to play it all at some point. 

But as of now, there's still Jazz 'round the clock on one of America's last 24/7 all jazz - all the time  radio stations!

greg-WMOT, Jazz-89 Nashville

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