[JPL] Superbowl story: The Terrible Towel

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Thanks, Dr.!


'The Terrible Towel Has Become the Flag of Steeler Nation'
(there's some video of Myron telling the story of the towel, too)


If you've never heard the Steelers Polka, here's a classic 1978 
version by Jimmy Pol:


And for those who can't get enough Steelers fight songs, here's an 
updated 2009 mix (with current player names) of the Polka, everyone's 
favorite "Here We Go", and a take on the Brady Bunch therme called 
"The Tomlin Crunch"...and many more!


go Steelers!


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January 30, 2009

Cope Gave Terrible Towels a Wonderful Legacy


There is one 
fan in Pittsburgh ambivalent about the team's success.

"It's actually been really hard for me, with the Steelers going to 
Bowl," the 38-year-old Elizabeth Cope said. "Because I have to see 
the Terrible Towels everywhere. It's great. But it hurts."

The towels are a swirling reminder of her father, Myron Cope, a 
longtime Pittsburgh broadcaster credited with creating the Terrible 
Towel in 1975. Before 
died last February at age 79, Elizabeth Cope watched last year's 
Super Bowl with him in his hospital room. She draped his coffin with 
a quilt that a fan had made out of Terrible Towels.

But the great part comes from what each of those towels does for 
people like Danny Cope, Myron's son and Elizabeth's older brother.

Myron Cope left behind something far more personal than a legacy of 
terrycloth, a battle flag for a city and its team. In 1996, he handed 
over the trademark to the Terrible Towel to the 
<http://www.avs.net/>Allegheny Valley School. It is a network of 
campuses and group homes across Pennsylvania for people with severe 
intellectual and developmental disabilities. It receives almost all 
the profits from sales of the towels.

Danny Cope is one of the roughly 900 people the school serves. He has 
been a resident since 1982, when he was a teenager. He was diagnosed 
with severe mental retardation when he was 2. He is now 41.

"He's never spoken," Elizabeth Cope said. "Which is kind of funny, 
because Dad is known for his voice. It's almost like the Terrible 
Towel is Danny's silent voice."
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