[JPL] Personal Terrible Towels experience

Arturo Gomez arturo at kuvo.org
Fri Jan 30 14:24:25 EST 2009

I think it was either 1979 or 1980 for the 14th or 15th Super Bowl ,
Steelers Vs Rams, held at the Grand Daddy of them all, the Rose Bowl in the
City of Roses-Pasadena. I was still in the retail jewelry business, managing
a jewelry shop in Dwntwn Pasadena. For the week leading up to the game we
saw hundreds of Steelers fans basking in the warmth and sun of SoCal walking
along the sidewalks wearing Steelers gear and waving the Terrible Towels, it
was surrealistic to see more Steelers fans than Rams followers, bear in mind
that the Rams were still a Los Angeles based team and Pasadena is 10 miles
north of El Lay.  It reminded me of the week before the Rose Bowl when
hundreds of fans of whichever Big Ten & Pac 10 conference teams invaded
Dwtwntwn Pasadena where I worked since 1971. Even though I was a retail
jeweler I was a passionate free form FM and public radio listener as well as
listening to the legendary 24/7 commercial jazz station KBCA/KKGO, Jim Goza,
Chuck Niles, Gary Vercelli, Bobby Rodriguez et al. The best of the FM lot
was Tom Donahue's second outlet, KPPC broadcasting from the basement of a
church just a few blocks down from the Dwntwn Pasadena commerce hub. "Kay
pee pee cee is the place to be, for music on your rayyyyy deeee o", the
Obscene Steven Clean, Outrageous Nevada Smith and the Beemer, B. Mitchell
Reed were some of the personalities.


After the Steelers won the Super Bowl their fans went ballistic on Colorado
Bl waving those indeed terrible towels, some of the more intoxicated
followers were whipping them on those who were wearing Rams colors or gear
and the police had to intervene in a few cases, another case of fans proving
the root of the word, fanatic.





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