[JPL] M V Consulting, Inc. presents an interview with Nobel Peace Prize nominee Cynthia Basinet

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Recently I had the good fortune to come into contact with Cynthia
Basinet. Some of my readers may be familiar with Ms. Basinet from her
rendition of Santa Baby – a song by the late Eartha Kitt that has become a Christmas staple, Ms. Basinet’s version often mistakenly credited to Marilyn Monroe. 

 Others may be aware of the humanitarian work that Ms. Basinet has done for the Saharawi people and Africa. That work includes an appearance before the U.N. in 2008 and a nomination for the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize (she was 1 of the 1000 women nominated together that year).

found Ms. Basinet to be an interesting, compelling, and intelligent
woman. She has had a life of many achievements and challenges. She has
made strides to improve the world, created a career in music, film, and
modeling, and is a mother. In talking with Ms. Basinet I learned many
things I would never have guessed about her. And that compelled me to
ask her for an interview to share with you. She graciously agreed.

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