[JPL] Maxx Myrick - Spend April In Paris

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Sat Jan 31 12:05:30 EST 2009

Congratulations, Maxx!

I'm glad you're working Lori's CD.  
They're terrific people to work with 
(and great musicians).  
I hope you're doing well.


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>Subject: [JPL] Maxx Myrick - Spend April In Paris  
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>After 8 years building Real Jazz for XM Satellite Radio, it is now in the hands of my good friend Mark Ruffin.  As a result I have embarked on a new adventure promoting some of the very artists I used to play.
>I figured since 1 million people liked our choices that I should continue promoting these great artists many of whom are independent and don't have the big promotional dollars of a major label.
>We're only taking on projects that we think a good starting with The Lori Mechem Quartet and their new Count Basie record "April In Paris."
>I you'd like to be on our list send the following information to myrickjazz at yaoo.com 
>Phone Number
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>Maxx Myrick
>LaGrande-Myrick LLC
>212 283-1481
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>> Subject: [JPL] New Lisa Markley Album, "One Word" Is on Its Way
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>> Dear Jazz DJs and Programmers,
>> Lisa Markley's new album, "One Word" has just
>> been mailed and should arrive in your in-box next week.  If
>> you don't see it, please let me know, and I'll get
>> one right to you.
>> If you would like a quick preview, there are samples at
>> http://soonasongs.com/store_lm3.php
>> We'd like to thank all of you for sharing her first
>> jazz vocal album, "The Sky Is Blue and Sometimes
>> Cries," with your listeners.  We hope you like this one
>> even better.
>> Thanks again for all you do,
>> Marilyn Duncan
>> Owner, Soona Songs
>> Independent Record Label
>> http://soonasongs.com
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