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Frank's criticism to a degree is correct but for me his argument is all to predictable...particularly coming from someone IN the industry. The "jazz police" are peripheral problems for jazz. They're piling on the main problem and oddly they either don't see how sensitive the jazz structure is or don't care enough about it out of protecting their own selfish view of the music. There are many other problems as well but these are not the nucleus of the issue. 

This has long been my opinion...there are mainly two reasons why the jazz support arena is experiencing what it is...lack of listener understanding of the music and little motivation for those listeners to want to understand and embrace it. Consequently, the size of the audience and it's growth isn't strong enough to help off set the costs of inflation confronting jazz publications, presenters, labels...etc. I've heard excuse after excuse as to why all of this is happening with jazz but none of them deal with these two areas. Until enough folks decide to REALLY address these issues the jazz support systems will continue to collapse. There have been several since I last wrote about this on the JPL.

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> Food for thought and discussion
> *Syracuse Jazz Festival director Frank Malfitano reflects
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