[JPL] Positive Vibes

Bradley M. Stone bstone at science.sjsu.edu
Fri Jul 3 15:15:52 EDT 2009

Aloha Cory,
Great to read your post.  Sure hope you can make it to Rochester next year, and bring some acts from your label (including yourself!).  Great to have your label as part of the 'family'.
the light is on,
Brad Stone
San Jose
P.S. Congrats on the new album!


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I have enjoyed reading these posts.

The Cellar Restaurant/Jazz Club is going into its 10th year this year 
and for the past three years we have actually turned a small profit.  
The label that I run out of the club, Cellar Live, has remained solid 
although we have slowed down a bit in sales and a bit in releases but 
we keep getting great feed back from our records.  I do find it hard 
to remain positive about the jazz business when there seems to be so 
much press about all the negative things that are taking place but I 
do my best to keep my head up.

Im really hoping to attend next years Jazz Summit and am hoping to 
bring some Cellar Live acts to.  I could really use the shot in the 
arm in terms of being surronded by a room full of positive people and 
positive vibes.

Cory Weeds
The Cellar - www.cellarjazz.com
Cellar Live - www.cellarlive.com
Chasin The Train Radio - www.coryweeds.com

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