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Friends and associates:

I wanted to advise you that I have completed my work in association with Resonance Records. For the past two years I have worked on a part-time basis giving shape and identity and direction to Mr. Klabin's desire to have a jazz record label in association with his Rising Jazz Stars Foundation.

When I first began my assignment,? there were a number of recordings completed.? I was brought in to brand, build, direct and launch Mr. Klabin's new label.? Building and launching companies is a particular passion of mine, along with championing great music.? 

It's wonderful to leave with a feeling of accomplishment.? Much of what I set out to do, has been done or set in motion.

Resonance has enjoyed a healthy measure of success in its first 15 months in release. JazzWeek recognised the lable as being the No. 8 Airplay Label of the Year [not bad in the company's first year].? Out of more than 1,100 new jazz titles released in 2008, Resonance had 3 of the Top 75 Most Played [in just its first nine months].? The company also enjoyed terrific press coverage.

The label's internet profile is solid.? The Resonance website has traffic and rankings equal to numerous labels with 4 to 7 years more history.? The company's foreign distribution network (despite being built in arguably the most difficult year in our industry's history) is equal to or nearly equal to that of far more established labels, with larger catalogs.

None of this could have been possible without fine colleagues.? Building any success always involves the efforts of a team.? I have to thank Don Lucoff, Brad and the team at DL Media for their efforts with the print and electronic media.? At Resonance: Pierre Paul (we love "crude" music pal), Anthony Polis ("nothing but 'net") Sydney Lanex (I love dark music), Eric Talbert (on the radio, especially After Dark), Elo Carillo (checks & balances) & Fran Gallo, it's been real... interesting and at times alot of fun.? The agenda was ambitious, the team small and yet, quite alot was accomplished.

There have been some wonderful recordings and fine artists to work with.? To those of you I got to know pretty well, its been a pleasure.? For those of you whom I didnt get to know as well...I wish you the best too.? Resonance came so close to having a No. 1 record! (are you listening, Nick Francis? lol).? There were a bunch of Top 10 records too. There was really only one major disappointment, an unjustly passed over-by-radio release from a very promising guitarist!

It has been a pleasure breathing life into another new label.? Mr. Klabin deserves credit for his noble undertaking.

Jazz, as well as all of the arts, needs its patrons.? At a difficult time for Jazz, Resonance has been a breath of fresh air, and some deserving artists have been presented on a national stage.? 

As for me, I remain blessed to be able to make my living doing something which has been a lifelong passion. I'll continue to explore my fascination with the intersection of music, media and marketing.? And as I approach (gasp!) 40 years in the music business, I'm grateful to still get excited when I hear great music! (Speaking of which, be on the lookout for a positootly (absitively!) fine disc from John Beasley) 

There....I couldn't rightfully say goodbye without one last plug for a great one! Cheers one and all.

Yours in music,



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