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Thu Jul 9 20:05:28 EDT 2009

I never met Len Dobbins, but he played my CDs and sent me an e-mail saying
how much he enjoyed my music.  He also thoughtfully sent me an e-mail
greeting on my last birthday - and it wasn't even a landmark one, at that.
What a special guy he must have been.  He died with his boots on - or
shortly thereafter - his last conscious moments spent in his favorite jazz
club waiting for the performance to begin.

Deepest condolences to his family and friends from Sanna and me,

Larry Vuckovich
jazz pianist

Larry Vuckovich/Sanna Craig
Tetrachord Music

on 7/9/09 4:22 PM, George Thomas at jazz at vpr.net wrote:

> Sad news indeed. Len showed up at the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival
> every year, always at the most interesting events. Clearly a man whose
> ears were keen and alive and as many have mentioned already, a real friend
> to jazz everywhere, not just in Montreal. I saw him come into Muddy
> Waters, a local favorite coffee joint in Burlington, Vermont, with a woman
> friend on each arm, his "guardian angels Dorothee Berryman and Monique
> Fauteux" talking and entertaining, before catching that evening's Discover
> Jazz show at the Flynn.

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