[JPL] Reality

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Music Prevention at it's very best!

Person-to-person and still failing to connect the dots.

Perhaps there really is a future for on-line shopping, aka fulfillment,
where the only 'recommendations' folks get are algorithmically calculated
and paid for.

This is not limited to jazz, frequently in classical too.

Saddest part is the domino affect this has on the entire culture and

Jan Mancuso

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That's some sad ka ka.....


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I hear and see behavior like this quite a lot. It's astonishing how
narrow it is out there these days.

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On Jul 10, 2009, at 4:17 PM, Jae Sinnett <jaejazz at yahoo.com> wrote:

I was in a record store the other day. Mom and pop venue with a nice
jazz selection. They were playing a relatively unknown jazz artist in
the store. To the general public this artist may not be that known but
would be to many on this list. I knew who it was. The conversation I
over heard went like this...Customer: "Is that Herbie Hancock? I didn't
know he had something new out so I definitely have to get it. How much?"
The counter person: "It's not Herbie" and told them who it was.
Customer: It's not Herbie?" Counter person: "Nope." Customer:"Oh
well...thought I had me some new Herbie."

The stunning thing about this is that they LIKED the music but once they
didn't recognize the name...the artist was toast. Didn't even give it a
second look. That's how stupid it is out here now.

Jae Sinnett 

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