[JPL] Great Canadian jazz broadcaster dies

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In sending out CDs for airplay it is not often that I receive a response 
from a radio host. However, Len Dobbins did.  In fact,  he told me that he was 
listening to my CD as he was writing.  That wasn't all that he had to say 
either.  He talked about Bertha Hope, one of  musicians, and how he knew her 
and when he last saw her.  He talked about his connection to Dorothee 
Berryman and how he thought I should send her a CD and how he thought she would 
like it.  He thanked me for recording "A Child Is Born" for Thad was a friend 
of his.  When I received the email I was so touched because he responded and 
because he had so much to say!  He didn't have to do that- but he did!  
Obviously, that's the kind of man that he was.  I send my condolences to the 
family and friends of Len Dobbin, a man who will truly be missed in the jazz 
community.  I'm glad that I had the good fortune to connect with him during 
his lifetime.

Dotti Anita Taylor

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> MONTREAL - Noted jazz broadcaster Len Dobbin died early Thursday morning 
> at the Royal Victoria Hospital after suffering a stroke. He was 74.
> Dobbin became ill last night sitting at his favourite seat at the bar of 
> Upstairs Jazz Bar &Grill, waiting for the evening show to begin, and an 
> ambulance was called.
> He was surrounded at the intensive care unit by his three daughters, 
> broadcaster/actor Dorothée Berryman, and singer Monique Fauteux, who 
> were among his closest friends over the past years.
> Dobbin referred to himself modestly as a friend of jazz, but he was 
> instrumental in promoting the music as he befriended the players and 
> chronicled major events in the jazz world as a broadcaster and journalist.
> His two-hour Dobbin's Den program on CKUT radio Sunday at 11 a.m. was 
> must-listening for fans of the the music he loved – bop and hard bop of 
> the late 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. He also wrote CD reviews for the 
> Montreal Mirror.
> Funeral arrangements have yet to be made.
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