[JPL] The future of JazzTimes

Lee Mergner lmergner at jazztimes.com
Mon Jul 13 23:35:04 EDT 2009

Dear JPL members.

First of all, my apologies for not speaking up with a detailed explanation
when the announcement was made a month ago about JazzTimes suspending
publication while the owners reorganized the company and sought financing.  I
was asked by the owners not to speak publicly while they were negotiating
with prospective investors.  Those of you who know me realize how tough it
can be for me to keep my mouth shut, particularly in regard to something I’m
passionate about. After all, I’ve been with JazzTimes for almost 20 years,
so it’s been tough sitting (quietly) in limbo the past few weeks, even for
such a short time.

I am very pleased to announce that, effective on 7/10/09, the JazzTimes
brand has been acquired by Madavor Media, a publishing group based in
Boston. Madavor specializes in niche and enthusiast publications and we
believe JazzTimes will be a good fit within their stable of magazines. We
are very optimistic for the magazine’s long-term future given the impressive
resources and vision of Madavor and its staff.  They know the magazine
business well and have great respect for our publication.

Madavor will resume publishing of JazzTimes immediately with an August issue
featuring a cover story on Joe Lovano, plus an article by investigative
reporter Marc Hopkins on the effect of the economy on jazz festivals and a
photo essay celebrating Blue Note, with photos from Francis Wolf and Jimmy
Katz and an introduction by Ashley Kahn.  We’ll be following that up with
our usual frequency of issues.

We appreciate the kind words of support and concern we received from people
on the JPL and other members of the jazz community.  I know that the good
folks at Madavor are looking forward to the continued support of the jazz

The bad news for our staff in Silver Spring is that the office there on
Colesville Road has closed and will not be reopened. The majority of
operations (accounting/HR, production, circulation, etc.) will be run out of
Madavor’s offices in Boston; much of the staff that was furloughed during
the hiatus will no longer be with the publication. Managing editor Evan Haga
and I have been retained by Madavor and will remain with the magazine to
oversee the editorial direction. We will work out of my home office in
Silver Spring. Our contact information is listed below. Our e-mail addresses
haven’t changed during this transition.  Our advertising reps, Jeff Sabin
and Eric Adams, will also remain with the publication.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  We appreciate any help
you can give in spreading the word about the magazine.  And thanks again to
those who spoke so positively on our behalf during this period.  Maybe next
year I can come to Rochester and thank you all personally.

Onward and upward,

Lee Mergner

Lmergner at jazztimes.com

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