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Mon Jul 13 23:57:57 EDT 2009

Thanks for posting Lee.  Actually the last two weeks have mainly been
celebratory for the jazz industry --the news of JazzTimes resuming
publishing coming on the heels of TD Bank as a major sponsor for Montreal
beginning in 2010, and CareFusion sponsoring George Wein festivals in NYC
and Newport.

Looking forward

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On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 11:35 PM, Lee Mergner <lmergner at jazztimes.com>wrote:

> Dear JPL members.
> First of all, my apologies for not speaking up with a detailed explanation
> when the announcement was made a month ago about JazzTimes suspending
> publication while the owners reorganized the company and sought financing.
>  I
> was asked by the owners not to speak publicly while they were negotiating
> with prospective investors.  Those of you who know me realize how tough it
> can be for me to keep my mouth shut, particularly in regard to something
> I’m
> passionate about. After all, I’ve been with JazzTimes for almost 20 years,
> so it’s been tough sitting (quietly) in limbo the past few weeks, even for
> such a short time.
> I am very pleased to announce that, effective on 7/10/09, the JazzTimes
> brand has been acquired by Madavor Media, a publishing group based in
> Boston. Madavor specializes in niche and enthusiast publications and we
> believe JazzTimes will be a good fit within their stable of magazines. We
> are very optimistic for the magazine’s long-term future given the
> impressive
> resources and vision of Madavor and its staff.  They know the magazine
> business well and have great respect for our publication.
> Madavor will resume publishing of JazzTimes immediately with an August
> issue
> featuring a cover story on Joe Lovano, plus an article by investigative
> reporter Marc Hopkins on the effect of the economy on jazz festivals and a
> photo essay celebrating Blue Note, with photos from Francis Wolf and Jimmy
> Katz and an introduction by Ashley Kahn.  We’ll be following that up with
> our usual frequency of issues.
> We appreciate the kind words of support and concern we received from people
> on the JPL and other members of the jazz community.  I know that the good
> folks at Madavor are looking forward to the continued support of the jazz
> community.
> The bad news for our staff in Silver Spring is that the office there on
> Colesville Road has closed and will not be reopened. The majority of
> operations (accounting/HR, production, circulation, etc.) will be run out
> of
> Madavor’s offices in Boston; much of the staff that was furloughed during
> the hiatus will no longer be with the publication. Managing editor Evan
> Haga
> and I have been retained by Madavor and will remain with the magazine to
> oversee the editorial direction. We will work out of my home office in
> Silver Spring. Our contact information is listed below. Our e-mail
> addresses
> haven’t changed during this transition.  Our advertising reps, Jeff Sabin
> and Eric Adams, will also remain with the publication.
> Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  We appreciate any help
> you can give in spreading the word about the magazine.  And thanks again to
> those who spoke so positively on our behalf during this period.  Maybe next
> year I can come to Rochester and thank you all personally.
> Onward and upward,
> Lee Mergner
> Editor-in-Chief
> Lmergner at jazztimes.com
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