[JPL] PLAYLIST - WSHA 7/13/09 Straight No Chaser

Susan Reeves susan at susanreeves.net
Tue Jul 14 21:40:20 EDT 2009

WSHA 88.9 Raleigh -  Straight No Chaser,   Monday Edition (Susan Reeves)
Monday July 13, 2009   8 - midnight
(artist - song title - cd) (*- recent release)

Ari Hoenig – Anthropology   (Inversations)
Kevin Hayes – Think of One   (You’ve Got a Friend)*
Kristin Korb – Cubano   (Why Can’t You Behave?)
Joe Locke/David Hazeltine – One for Reedy Ree   (Mutual Admiration Society 2)*
Chad McCullough – Nightmare’s Dance   (Dark Wood, Dark Water)*
Nancy King -   Four     (Potato Radio)
Jim Ketch – Changes You Can Believe In   (Next Set)*
Jaleel Shaw – The Heavyweight Champion   (Perspective)
Justin Vasquez -   title   (Triptych)*
Rented Mule -   Insomnia   (X)*
Kurt Elling – Autumn Serenade   (Dedicated to You)*
Sergio Salvatore/ Christos Rafalides -   Spring Song  (Dark Sand )*
Tigran Hamasyan -   Sibylla   (Red Hail)*
Herbie Nichols - House Party Starting   (Complete Blue Note Recordings)
Lisa Markley – When I Was a River   (One Word)*
Giorgio Serci/ Roberto Manzin   - title  (Silver Lining)*
Ben Allison – Roll Credits   (Little Things Run the World)
Edward Simon   - Winter   (Poesia)*
Brian Blade – Most Precious One / and Prodigy   (Season of Changes)
Julie Hardy   - August     (The Wish)
Frank Kimbrough – Lucent   (Play)
Matt Wilson – Arts And Crafts (That’s Gonna Leave a Mark)*
Scott Amendola Band – Buffalo Bird Woman   (Believe)
Todd Sickafoose – Future Flora   (Tiny Resistors)
Dave Rivello – (of) Time and Time   Past     (Facing the Mirror)*
Eastern Blok -   Tricycle   (Folk Tales)*
Stefano Bollani – Promenade   (Piano Solo) 
Ornette Coleman   -   Turnaround   (Sound Grammar)
Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society -   Phobos   (Infernal Machines)*
Paul Bollenback – Alter Ego (Invocation)
Avishai Cohen – Sunrays  Over Water   (Flood)

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Raleigh, N.C.


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