[JPL] Kari Gaffney Interviewed On The Jazz Life

B.J. Jansen bjbarisax01 at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 16 16:19:15 EDT 2009

B.J. Jansen interviewed Kari Gaffney, Jazz Radio PR Specialist on The Jazz Life show.

This interview is Part 1 of Jansen's Jazz Industry Talks, exploring the future of the Jazz Industry behind the music.

Jansen created his show, “The Jazz Life," to bring audiences to the next generation of jazz artists who struggle to receive airplay in the United States. The programming format of “The Jazz Life" features brand new content from artists who actively perform and would appeal to younger listeners.
Listen to Kari's interview here: http://www.allaboutjazz.com/php/news.php?id=39392
Subscribe to The Jazz Life (find on iTunes) link: http://www.bjjansen.com/feed/THE%20JAZZ%20LIFE.xml
Listen to the Streaming Interview Archive here:http://www.jmcreativeartists.com/jazzlife/index.html

ALSO:This summer I will be doing another round of Jazz INDUSTRY (Club
Owners/PR/Websites/Booking/Festivals/Label Owners/Non
Profits/Educational Materials/Production...etc....) interviews for my
Jazz Life Show. These interviews will be conducted over the phone and
recorded as such, because I'm now all digital (it is 2009?), I will be
able to conduct interviews in an open scheduling format recorded via
Skype on the phone. Please reply to this Email if you'd be interested
in the 2nd Round of Jazz Life Industry Interviews...

*Please feel free to forward this information to other JAZZ INDUSTRY
people who may be interested, I've done this quickly with people that
I have contact info on hand or previous business contact with.. many
most likely have been left off this list.*

Time to take the pulse of the Jazz Industry.

Artist Interviews will resume in Mid August.

B.J. Jansen

For more info:
Jazz Life Stream: http://www.jmcreativeartists.com/jazzlife/index.html


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