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    Thanks for your comments and an insight into the symposium. As in  
my last post, I
    said perhaps there was more to it than we read here on JPL.
    I was not riled up...just disappointed in what I read. But, the  
subject is one that I have
    been concerned about and try to read about constantly to keep me  
    There are lots of listeners out there who have become disengaged  
from radio and
    other outlets that can give them the jazz they loved. I used to  
be surprised how many
    folks did not know that WGBH was producing jazz everyday of the  
week on the radio.
    There are many reasons why all this has changed, and we could  
talk about it until
    we were blue, but all that being said, each producer doing jazz  
programming has to
    take a hard look at how they are presenting it, and how to get  
those listeners to become
    part of their listenership. I know guys are doing it here, not  
implying they are not, but we
    have to think outside of the box. And, that includes those of us  
performing the music as well.
    Ron Gill
> In response to my fellow Jazz Radio People on JPL....
> The event that has you riled up, was a moderator driven panel  
> discussion during a Jazz Appreciation class. We were simply  
> answering the questions we received from the moderator. The "State"  
> of Jazz in Las Vegas is as it is in the rest of the United States:  
> the public does not venture out to support the music and the  
> musicians like they used to. I happen to agree with Jae Sinnett in  
> that it is almost impossible to please audiences with the attention  
> span of a "lightnening bolt" with real Jazz. We live in a time when  
> the people spending the money in clubs are into 'non-music' music,  
> and those that would eagerly spend to go out and hear live Jazz are  
> budgeted to the penny to live their lives.
> We must find a way to reach the youngsters, but not solely on their  
> terms. It has become incumbent on us to find a compromise that gets  
> them their "instant gratification" and helps them into "our" world  
> of Jazz. There is a concept that we need to address.
> The quotes that were posted on JPL from our discussion were taken  
> out of context, therefore misunderstood. If any of you had ben  
> there, you would have found that the people in attendance were more  
> eager to seek out live Jazz than they were before we started. It  
> was a good day, and I wish a full transcript was available for you  
> all to read.
> Music Peace and Happiness...........John Nasshan
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