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Sat Jul 18 09:51:09 EDT 2009

I remember a statement from a high up at Disney when I presented my  
story "Sandy's Sound" ( a jazz fairy tale) to them.

The "higher up" said it was a great story but that "jazz is an  
acquired taste"

Fast forward about ten years and Marcia Hillman's and my show "Scat  
Cat's Adventures In Jazzland"

It is a live show teaching YOUNG kids about the history of jazz with a  
great little story and original music. The kids were about ages 4-8yrs.

At the end they all get to scat and participate. Two of the kids got  
up in front and scatted like crazy. One child's father called me two  
weeks later saying that the
child hasn't stopped and whenever anybody visits he tells them he can  
scat and does so. PS...he has just cut his first jazz album at age 12.

So...these kids all started out with no jazz knowledge...acquired  
taste???? NO.!! Exposure. I have seen it time and again. When they  
hear the music, they love it.

The fix?? Not sure, but what about petitioning the pre schools and  
elementary schools to present jazz in a music course? I think parents  
today need to be educated too.

Let's do something positive instead of complaining.

If anybody wants to hear my "Scat Cat" story on a disc told by a 10  
and 6 year old who are really into the music because that is what  
their dad plays.  contact me. We are raising funds to record the music.

Lenore Raphael
e mail lraphael at att.net

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